Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

With growing urbanization, you must be cramped up in a small apartment in the city and the reality is, that’s all you get! The population in cities is so high that spacious accommodation has become a luxury. However, have you ever thought of ways to free up some space rather than sulk all day wondering where to put all the stuff you have? Here are a few possibilities.

  1. Open up the entry way

This is the area right as you enter from the main door. It is essential that you keep the path clear since every morning when you rush out the door, you need to do it fast and not knock your shin on any of the furniture that is in the way. You can keep just one bench or cabinet so that you can place the kids; school backpacks, shoes, keys etc.; all what you need as you run out the door. If there’s no space for a bench, put up some hooks so that you can hang the necessary items. Place a large mirror that reflects the rest of the house so that it creates an illusion of more space to whoever enters.

  1. Make the kitchen easy to cook in

Kitchens are the busiest rooms in a house and need to be extra clean and tidy as they deal with food. More space in it makes it welcoming, and enjoyable to cook in, so that everyone in the family can help and spend quality time together. Cut down on the space for electrical equipment. There are equipment with the stove, dishwasher, oven and microwave all in one so sell off your old stuff and get just one of these that does all. Go for vertical kitchen cabinets package Singapore and store the dry foods in bulk, extra cans of fish, extra bottles of jams and sauces on the top most shelves that are not within reach. Whenever you need, you can grab them and place them on the bottom.

  1. Bathroom essentials

Imagine walking into a messy bathroom early in the morning? It will surely mess up your entire day. Bathrooms are easier to mess up since you will surely take in all your beauty products inside and never bring them out. The counter is going to overflow with makeup, accessories, electrical beauty equipment, all sorts of creams and moisturizes etc. If u are a person buying shampoo, conditioner, creams etc. in bulk, store the bigger bottles away in a shelf and refill the smaller bottles placed near the shower whenever needed. This way, you will save space in the shower cubical.

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