Time management for people

Most of us have a hard time trying to lead a life and make sure you are equally concentrating on all the facets of your life. When most of us reflect on things in our life, we can clearly recognize that we are just not properly prioritizing and setting goals. However, in retrospection, we can conclude that it is more than attaining the targeted goals. It can be seen that our inefficiencies arise from the fact we are unable to manage time. Time management is a skill that most people have a hard time developing. Unlike certain qualities, time management is a skill and it can be easily acquired with practice and patient reinforcement.

Prioritise your time

One of the most important things about time management is learning to prioritise your work. If you are a working parent who rarely gets to spend time with your family. You should not be wasting that time in house cleaning or other activities whereby you will not be able to spend time with your family. You can employ some domestic worker or professionals to do those little things like repairs around house and cleaning. It is also important that you should not put off your high priority works or projects to the last minute. It is essential to ensure that you are prioritising the right work in the said time.

Have small goals for your target goal

It is well known that you need to prioritise your activities as per the time you have available. It is easier to do this if you can use the well known ‘Divide and conquer’ strategy. When you have a big deadline or project coming up, you can just make use of this strategy. You can divide your work and make sure to complete a portion of it within a given time frame. It is of significance to employ the elements of operant condition into this strategy to help ensure you will adhere to it. In other words, if you fail to complete your work, then you should have some punishment or negative reinforcement. It is also important to ensure that you treat yourself to rewards when you manage to adhere to the plan and completing it. Humans are conditioned to it and you will be able to work more efficiently.

In addition to the above mentioned, tips, tricks and strategies, there are several other plans and techniques available to help learn time management. One of the most important parts is remove distractions from your vicinity when you are planning to complete a work but in the current world, it is hard to stay away from distractions like your phones in which there are thousand different ways to be distracted.




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