How to Plan a Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is the place you walk into, first thing in the morning so do you want to ruin your day looking at all that clutter and mess? Not really. Your bathroom should be one of the cleanest rooms of the entire house as it deals with all your dirt, so better give it a brand new look. Here are some easy steps on planning the entire makeover so that you won’t miss out on any spot.

  1. Find inspiration and determine your budget

If you enjoy spending time on Pinterest or interior design magazines, this is the part you have fun in! You need to start collecting images and articles on any ideas for your bathroom makeover. Once you have gathered a few, you will identify a pattern of what you like when you go through them. You’ll know what colours you prefer, the flooring style, lighting, vanity and all other elements. Next, select the ones that you like the most and leave the others, since you can’t incorporate all styles into your bathroom. Next, determine your budget. You might see the most lavish bathtub or elegant white horse tiles Singapore but if you can’t afford it, there’s no point even considering it. So go for options that you have the money for. You need to write down the maximum amount you can spend for each item and stick to it. You need to revisit it every time you feel like you’re going overboard.

  1. Measure and start sourcing your fixtures

You can try changing the placement of each element however it all depends on how the plumbing has been set up. You can leave the main elements as they are and move around the things that don’t require plumbing. To know the optimum layout, you can make use of online apps where you need to simply enter all measurements and placements of pipes and it will tell where each element will fit best. Now that you have a floor plan clear budget, it’s time to list down all the items you need so that you can go shopping. Shopping may sound fun but looking for the ideal piece that matches your style, size and price will be difficult. Buying an oversized sink just because it costs less won’t be of any use if you can’t fit it in.

  1. Start the renovation

If you aren’t going for DIY, you need to contact contractors and plumbers to get the job for you. Now that you have a good plan in mind, you can easily tell them exactly what needs to be done so that they can price it for you.



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