How Short Term Housing Can Work For You

Short term residences are practical choices for those who are planning to stay longer somewhere. Hotel accommodations are good but renting an apartment is perfect if you want to have home-like amenities such as a kitchen, a laundry area, a living room and everything else that provides the comforts of your home.

Most people who avail short term rental Singapore are business travellers, relocating families who are looking for some place to stay during the renovation process or those workers on a temporary job assignment. Here are some basics of short term housing you need to know.

Extended Stay Hotels

Staying in a hotel or motel is convenient for only a few days since it could wipe out your budget when you stay for too long. Extended stay hotels are more affordable compared to regular ones and are perfect for solo accommodations due to its smaller living space. If your stay requires you to be always on the go, then this option is a perfect choice.

Corporate Housing or Extended Stay Apartments

If you’re staying in with a spouse or your family, it is best to opt for extended stay apartments which offer more living space than extended stay hotels. They are usually fully furnished with all the amenities resembling a typical home. They are easy to rent and their lease allows you to rent it for a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs. You can also extend your stay as long as you want.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Short Term Housing

There are lots of factors to consider when looking for short term housing. One of the basic things to consider is the number of people staying in the house. For solo accommodations, you may choose a studio type apartment but for a group of 4 or more people, a short term apartment is what you need.

Also, take into consideration the amenities and if it can meet your needs. Find one that can fulfil your basic living needs including the right amount of living space you need. Take your budget into account before choosing renting short term housing. Be realistic and pick one that is priced within your reach so it won’t be a burden later on.

Lastly, safety is one of the basic things you should look for in an apartment. See if there are security guards or security alarms in your rented home. Always put security first no matter what kind of security system the owner employs.

Short term housing is one of the best ways to be practical when it comes to your accommodation expenses. Keep these in mind and enjoy your travels.



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