Choosing from different door types

Whether you are just planning to build a house or intends for an interior revamp, then among the things you should consider is the type of door you would want. And there are actually various categories to choose from, which not only vary in style and design but also in purpose and functionality. Here are some of the common door types worth considering about.

Hinge Door

If there is a door of all doors, then probably it is this door. You are most likely to see one as it is very popular and the most common among here. They work when you push or pull then swing out or in the door to open and close, as guided by the hinges located on the sides, which are attached to the door frames. They are relatively simple, hence their popularity, although they take up a considerable amount of floor area.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are somewhat similar to hinged doors, although they consume less floor area because of their unique mechanism. They fold in the middle which eliminates the wider area for swinging the door open. They may be hinged or sliding, depending on the owner’s preference, but there are instances of a combination of both. You might see them more likely on walk-in closets. Bi-fold doors are recommended for larger rooms, or those that need larger openings, in order to not consume a significant portion of the floor area. They may be used as a wall partition or division, which can make larger rooms into smaller ones.

Sliding door

For the sliding doors, they are usually seen on patios and facades, or doors on kitchens that are adjacent to the garden or the yard. These are usually made up of glass, but there are other custom made doors singaporewhich would fit the taste you have. They also don’t take up much floor area when being opened, since they slide to the side in operation. However, most sliding doors disable the other door when opened, as the other door blocks the second one. However, there are also sliding doors that keep both the doors to the wall, with the only compromise of needing a dedicated wall for the door. Other sliding doors only use one door that opens, and a wall to which the door will be mounted once opened. Barn doors are the ideal kind of doors for this category.

The above categories are just among the common types of doors used. There are more kinds of doors you may consider, such as louver doors and panel doors. But the most important thing when considering door type is how it would fit to the needs of your family.

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