A Simple Checklist to Getting Ready for Moving-in Cleaning

In the hustle and bustle of preparing yourself for a new house, packing up and moving out, it’s easy to forget one important thing- to prepare your future home. Keeping your house nice and clean,both before and during your moving process, will be time-saving in the long run so here’s a simple checklist to make sure you can ease into your new home in the most comfortable manner.

Prioritize your cleaning equipment

In the moving process, your cleaning equipment deserves a box of its own. This box needs to be easily accessible so pack it separately and make sure it’s one of the first things you take to your new home. Perhaps label the box as well to avoid any mishaps and store in a place where it will not get hidden with the incoming boxes and crates of other personal items. When doing a basic clean-up of your house in preparation for unpacking, you’ll know exactly where to get your hands on those cleaning supplies.


The process of moving requires planning. Firstly, you’ll need to place all your boxes in the common areas of the house. This allows you to plan out which areas of your home needs your attention the most and not have to deal with crates obstructing your way when you clean. For optimal results, direct your attention to one room at a time, clean and unpack accordingly.It’s best that you prioritize with rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as these will be needed first and foremost.

Get Professional Help

This is no easy feat so don’t be afraid to call out for a helping hand where it’s due. You can consider hiring professional help to assist with your move in cleaning. Professionals in this field offer many services, which will ultimately relieve you of additional stress and help you focus on the moving process itself rather than the tiresome cleaning aspects that come with it.

Clean and Organize

Cleaning your dishes and other equipment before storing them saves you the time of returning to them later after unpacking everything. Incidentally, you can also organize your belongings straight off the bat this way. Another important tip- sort out your cabinets and closets in an organized manner as these tend to clutter the easiest and fastest.

Yes, moving to a new home can be quite the challenge. Amongst packing, cleaning, seeing to finances etc. setting aside the time to do it properly can be difficult but do so and you’ll have a comfortable and organized new house in no time!



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