4 Ways to Get Rid of Toxic Energy in Your Home

Over time negative energy can build up in your living space. Your living space is essentially a part of you, given the time and effort you take to make sure it displays who you are as a person and ensures you leave a peaceful life within it. Any toxic energy build up in your home will therefore negatively impact your own energy, increasing stress levels while taking its toll on your personal health. To stay clear of this, you need to cleanse your home of such energy. You can do this by:


Classic buildup of negative energy is marked by cluttering. Take the time to go through your house and get rid of the items that are draining you of your energy. Holding onto such belongings can block new opportunities from entering your life and affect your spiritual state with its energy. Better yet, give them to someone who might actually have a use for them. Broken items too simply have to go if you have no intention of fixing them. Services such as online feng shui consulting Singapore will come in useful here by allowing you to get professional advice on how to maximize your prosperity and safeguard against draining forces.

Open up your windows

It sounds simple enough but in reality, when faced with a suffocating toxic energy in your home, it reflects in your mood- making you bitter, frustrated and stressed. Overcome with such emotions, it’s easy to forget the littlest actions like opening up your windows to get some fresh breeze running through your house. This is nature’s best and simplest way of clearing up unwanted, toxic energy.

Burn some incense

While best used to help with meditation, burning incense is also known for breathing life into spaces. Creating a calming environment that will soothe your frustrations, incense will elevate any energy in your home and get rid of any toxic atmosphere that remains.


This North American technique can be pretty effective. All you have to do is light the tip of your smudge stick using a lit candle and wave it in the air until it begins to smolder. Carry a fireproof bowl underneath your stick to prevent herbs from falling to the floor. As you progress from room to room starting from your front door, wave your stick about to gently direct the smoke in the direction that you want. This process cleans the impurities hidden in every crevice of your living space.

These are the most efficient ways to ridding yourself of toxic energy. You’ll be basking in positive energy and the many wondrous opportunities that life has to offer you in no time by following this simple guide.



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